A New Year in Primary

Although I have been serving in and out of Primary since I was 18, I always feel excited about a new theme! So I’m Just going to Share my Journey This Year, Maybe it might help inspire others or maybe it might serve as a personal record of what I did in 2017. [My Memory is Shocking!]

So the New Yearly Theme for Primary 2017 is : CHOOSE THE RIGHT

I’ve been a little too excited  as due to being poorly , I have no work and time on my hands Yay! I work with an amazing Primary President who organized all the birthday lists and talks and scriptures etc. So I am in the middle of making us planners so we are super organized this year. Last year felt like a bit of a personal whirl wind!

This Week We have cancelled regular primary Sunday School and The Primary President bought the DVD: A King is Born for the children to watch. [If there are any children there]

I’m Planning on Playing my own version of CTR Candy Land But I’ve not decided whether I’m going to use cards or a dice with colours on {I’m swaying towards the dice} I’m not sure where I got the image from but I added my own moves onto it.And I’m planning to print it out onto A3 Card etc.. {See Below}

CTR Candyland board with moves.png

I’m Planning on Introducing the yearly theme with President Monson’s Talk on Choices

[The Talk Starts around 1:00 in]

See The Lesson Plan Below:

Our Prophet Thomas S Monson gave a talk in General Conference about Choices.

He related the story of Alice in Wonderland talking to the Cheshire Cat.

Option 1: [Play Video up to 1:40]


or Option 2: Use Picture [Below]


Our Prophet said that Unlike Alice “We know where we want to go and it does matter which way we go.”

The Prophet knows that it’s not always easy to Choose the Right But he pleaded with us to “Choose the harder right than the easier wrong.”

People can form bad habits that make their lives so difficult by making a practice of choosing the “easier wrong.”

It’s called the “easier wrong” for a reason. Doing the wrong thing is always easier. But President Monson asked us to “Choose Christ.”

Choose Christ.png

Jesus Christ never chose the ‘easier wrong’ He always did the right thing. No matter how hard it was. He has set us a perfect example to follow.

So if we are struggling with a decision and we want to know which way is the right way. Think about Jesus and ask yourselves “What would Jesus do?”

By doing this you are sure to be choosing the right path that leads us back to Heavenly Father and Jesus.

End by Showing A Picture with the Phrase: “May We Choose The harder Right instead of the Easier Wrong “.

{I Found this Picture on Today’s the best Day – Click on The Picture to see the site}

easier wrong harder right.png

Well You know what they say about the Best Laid Plans – It’s certainly appropriate for life in Primary. So that’s my plan as to how it all goes only Heaven Knows – Here’s Hoping everyone enjoys a great 2017!





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